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Six Burger Restaurants That Grill Their Meat

    Flat-top grills, often known as “griddles,” are used by most fast-food restaurants to prepare hamburgers. In most cases, they are big slabs of steel that are heated to high temperatures so that hundreds of patties may be quickly slapped down and cooked. There is an undeniable flavor difference between burgers cooked over gas grills and those cooked over open flames, which is why some people still use them.

    Now, let us be clear: we are in no way disparaging the use of a flat-top griddle to prepare burgers. Famous burger joints like Five Guys and Smashburger cook their meat on flat-top grills. Indeed, many of the largest chains do, including McDonald’s and Wendy’s.

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    As the fat and juices that give a burger its flavor always drip away when grilling over an open flame, cooking them on a griddle is a great way to keep as much of the burger’s flavor intact as possible. Or it will disappear into thin air.

    However, the scorching touch of genuine flames adds a great deal of taste. Is there a preferred approach? No. But is it acceptable for you to have a firm inclination toward a particular style of cooking? A look at seven fast food joints whose burgers are cooked over an open flame.

    1. Burger King

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    Flame grilling has always been the signature cooking method at Burger King. BK’s own website states: “When we first opened in 1954, Burger King pioneered the use of a flame grill. True, from the very beginning. “All of our beef patties are cooked over actual fire.” A Whopper, Bacon Double Cheeseburger, or Rodeo Burger with grill marks? They are genuine articles.

    2. Carl’s Jr.

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    Carl’s Jr.’s burgers (and certain chicken sandwiches) have that authentically charred flavor and texture since they are grilled over an open flame. According to Mashed, the burgers are cooked in a flame broiler, which consists of a conveyor belt that transports the beef through a chamber where flames lick from both the top and bottom, ensuring thorough and delicious frying.

    3. Best burger

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    It’s no secret that this California burger restaurant has been growing rapidly in recent years, and they now hold a strong position all the way from the West Coast to the East Coast. Fans of Habit’s burgers are excited about the chain’s expansion to both coasts. Each burger is chargrilled over an open flame, which contributes much to its high quality.

    4. The Counter

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    You’ll need to be in Hawaii, California, Florida, New York City, or northern Virginia to locate one of the handfuls of The Counter Custom Burger restaurants at this time. The Counter’s made-to-order, flame-grilled burgers, nevertheless, are worth the effort of tracking one down. A TripAdvisor reviewer who experienced the New York City location remarked, “Everything turned out amazing.”

    5. BGR

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    Burgers Grilled Right (abbreviated BGR) is the motto of this trendy burger joint, which adheres to the philosophy that the best burgers are those grilled over a fire. And everything is made fresh for each individual consumer. Twelve BGR restaurants exist at the moment, however, they are dispersed over five states and the District of Columbia, with locations as far apart as Georgia, New Jersey, and Utah.

    6. Red Robin

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    Red Robin’s menu is very wide and diverse, and it’s better to familiarize yourself with it online before visiting to avoid feeling overwhelmed once you get there. Or, if you’re already convinced that flame-cooked burgers are your thing, you can skip the research and go straight for Red Robin’s Tavern Burgers “The 100% beef patties we use in our Tavern are also all-natural and prepared in the USA under strict USDA guidelines. For the safety of our customers, we freeze these patties until they are needed. Because a burger of that size flame broils flawlessly on our cooking equipment, providing the same high quality and pleasure our customers have come to expect from our Tavern Burgers, we always utilize frozen patties.”

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