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Subs with Italian Pork Chops

    Subs with Italian Pork Chops

    Sandwiches made with Italian sub meat

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    In New York City, I watched these sandwiches cooked on tik tok in a deli. The filling looked like a hoagie dip I make for parties, but the sauce was different. This dish seemed great for Mister Tipsy, so I gave it a shot on a football Sunday. It was well received and will now become a staple in our appetizer selection. This delicious mixture of deli meats and cheeses, chopped vegetables, including onions and tomatoes, and a tangy, creamy dressing is great for making sandwiches or salads.

    Superb for Get-Togethers

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    For Mr Tipsy, I fashioned this into a traditional sandwich, but I can imagine it being a hit at gatherings if served in a bowl with little buns alongside it so that guests can make their slider sandwiches. The filling can also be eaten as a sandwich for those who prefer a lower-carb snack.

    How Big or Small Do You Want Your Italian Sub Chop Sandwich to Be

    To make the ideal bite out of an Italian sub-chop sandwich, all components must be equally chopped. This filling requires more time spent dicing than usual, but it’s a fantastic opportunity to hone your knife skills. With a sharp knife, this can be made in next to no time.

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    Get it Ready in Advance

    This is an excellent dish to prepare in advance. Just prep the meat and vegetables ahead of time. Prepare your dressing in advance as well. Be careful to wait before serving to combine the iceberg lettuce and dressing with the rest of the ingredients.

    Distinctive Ingredient

    The McCormick Salad Supreme Perfect Pinch Seasoning is the one I use that you might not find in other recipes. It’s also simple to obtain from retailers like Amazon and Walmart. For decades, I’ve relied on this specific component. It’s excellent in this dish, but I usually use it for my Linguine Salad. If you need it and can’t get it elsewhere, you may easily manufacture it by combining the necessary spices.

    • Paprika
    • Faulty Poppyseed Use
    • Seeds of Celery
    • Pepper, Black
    • Hot Red Pepper
    • Cheese of the Romano Type
    • Salt
    • Tahini, or Sesame Seeds

    If you’re looking for that “perfect bite,” these Italian Subs are for you. By finely chopping the vegetables, deli meat, and cheeses, you can ensure that every mouthful of your sandwich is the ideal size. When the “chop” is served in a bowl alongside little buns, it makes for a fantastic party platter. The best appetiser that doubles as a healthy salad.


    • Hard salami, ham, mozzarella, and muenster cheeses, all half a pound
    • Finely cut iceberg lettuce equaling 2 cups.
    • Diced red onion, about one small onion
    • Banana peppers, diced (about a quarter cup’s worth)
    • a single cup of chopped cherry tomatoes
    • To make one sandwich, use one tablespoon of hoagie or red pepper spread (optional)
    • a single cup of mayonnaise
    • Zesty Italian Salad Dressing, 3 Tablespoons
    • Salad Supreme Spice, or your favourite all-purpose seasoning, one tablespoon
    • About 6-8 French Rolls


    1. Throw all the meats, cheeses, and vegetables into a dish and mix thoroughly.
    2. Blend the mayonnaise, Italian dressing, and salad supreme in a bowl until uniform in texture.
    3. Drizzle the sauce over the meat and vegetable combination.
    4. Toss together to incorporate.
    5. Serve on bread or top of a salad.


    Preparing the meats, cheese, vegetables, and dressings ahead of time will allow you to prepare this dish in advance. Lettuce and dressing should be added just before serving.

    It was a hit in our house, so I have high hopes for your experience with this dish. Mr. Tipsy’s favorite meal is sandwiches. Therefore, I enjoy cooking them for him. This traditional sub sandwich is another one of his favorites. All the best, and have fun in the kitchen!

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