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These Black Bean Burgers are the Tastiest Things I’ve Ever Eaten

    These Black Bean Burgers are the Tastiest Things I've Ever Eaten

    These black bean burgers are the greatest I’ve ever had, including those prepared at home, in restaurants, and purchased from a grocery store. I’m positive you’ll enjoy this bean burger recipe because it has received rave ratings from taste testers worldwide. They are substantial in size, texture, and substance and have a satisfying flavour. So that the burgers don’t turn out mushy, it’s important to dry up the black beans a little. Black bean burgers may be grilled, baked, or eaten as is on a bun, by themselves, or on a salad.

    Some weeks ago, I prepared what I consider to be the finest black bean burgers ever. To put it another way, these are the finest black bean burgers I’ve ever had. The whole household loved them! We couldn’t believe how simple it was to make, how substantial the texture was, and how delicious it was. As excellent as it was, it exceeded my expectations.

    The following describes these black bean patties perfectly:

    • easy
    • healthy
    • hearty
    • satisfying
    • massive and stout
    • compact
    • garlicky
    • juicy
    • spicy
    • NOT WET

    These black bean burgers are not mushy, which is a typical complaint about homemade versions. These black bean burgers, on the other hand, are not crumbly. They are excellent at retaining their form.

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    Cooking the Perfect Black Bean Burgers

    • Black beans should be dried out to some extent. This info came to me courtesy of Serious Eats. The tinned black beans should be baked in a single layer on a prepared baking sheet for about 15 minutes. This keeps the black bean patties from having a mushy texture.
    • Saute some garlic, onion, and pepper while the black beans bake. This is going to be the burger’s primary flavouring element. After cooking the garlic, onion, and pepper, wipe them dry so that the black bean burger doesn’t absorb any moisture.
    • Processor or fork for your food! It’s up to you to decide. Make sure the black beans aren’t mashed in whichever method you use. The texture must be thick and pleasing. The nicest part is the bigger pieces of beans.
    • FLAVOR. A black bean burger would be a patty composed of beans without the additional flair. With adding some cumin, Worcestershire sauce, smoky paprika, feta cheese, and chilli pepper to the already delicious combination of sautéed garlic, onion, and pepper, black beans become the BEST black bean burger ever.

    Let’s move on to binders

    Indeed, not the type you’d want to bring to class. Where do you get the black bean burgers’ structure?

    • Breadcrumbs. I used gluten-free bread crumbs for the GF burgers, but regular bread crumbs will work just as well. Crushed crackers, almond flour, or even oat flour are all acceptable substitutes.
    • Ketchup. The more ketchup, the better, but you only need two Tablespoons. A condiment like this is required so that the burgers retain their form. Replace the ketchup with mayonnaise or barbecue sauce. (I used a tangy BBQ sauce in the second batch, and the burgers turned out fantastic.)
    • Two eggs. You won’t find a better burger organiser anywhere.

    Throw everything but the roasted black beans into a single large dish. Combine everything by gently mashing it with a fork. Incredibly simple.

    Methods for Forming and Frying Black Bean Patties

    Form the black bean patties into whatever size you choose, bearing in mind that the bigger they are, the more unevenly they will cook. A third of a cup of the combined ingredients worked best.

    The downloadable recipe (below) includes detailed directions for baking and grilling the burgers. I made the burgers and froze them so we could heat them on the journey. The best way to store them in the freezer is to layer them between sheets of parchment paper inside a sealed plastic bag or container. If you fail to defrost the burgers, you may always bake or grill them.

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    You may save calories by eating lunch on a salad instead of a bun. Try topping your pizza with sriracha and sautéed mushrooms, mozzarella and pesto, corn salsa and cheddar cheese, or even chunky guacamole for a dinner that will surprise everyone at the table. A side of berry quinoa salad or zucchini casserole would pair wonderfully with these.

    When I cooked black bean burgers the last time, I slathered them with barbecue sauce and topped each burger with melted Swiss cheese and grilled pineapple. Superb; the best meal I’ve had all week. And I ended the week with peanut butter cup s’mores. OH MY GOD, THAT IS A QUALITY BURGER.


    These black bean burgers are the greatest I’ve ever had, including those prepared at home, in restaurants, and purchased from a grocery store. You can’t eat these burgers if you’re a vegan or vegetarian. (See recipe note for changes, if needed.) This black bean burger recipe has received rave reviews from taste testers worldwide, and I have no doubt you will be pleased with the results!


    • Black beans were drained, rinsed, and patted dry from 2 (14-ounce) cans.
    • Extra-virgin olive oil, one tablespoon
    • 1/2 bell pepper, coarsely chopped (about 3/4 cup)
    • Half a big yellow onion, cut finely (1 cup),
    • Three minced garlic cloves (about 1 Tablespoon)
    • 1 1/2 tablespoons of cumin powder
    • One Tablespoon of Chili Powder
    • A pinch of garlic powder (around 1/2 teaspoon)
    • one-fourth of a teaspoon of smoked paprika
    • Ingredients: 1/2 cup of bread crumbs or oat flour
    • A half-cup of feta cheese (skip if vegan)
    • It takes two big eggs to make an omelette (see note for vegan substitution)
    • Worcestershire Sauce, 1 Tablespoon (see note for vegan & vegetarian version)
    • 2 tbsp. Of condiment; mayo, ketchup, or barbecue sauce
    • pepper and salt in a pinch


    • Set oven temperature to 325 degrees Fahrenheit (163 degrees Celsius). After 15 minutes in the oven, the beans should be dried out and have a uniform appearance on the baking sheet.
      To prepare the peppers and onions, heat the olive oil in a skillet and add the chopped peppers, onions, and garlic. Saute for 5-6 minutes or until the peppers and onions are tender. You can remove some of the dampness by gently blotting. Combine the rest of the ingredients in a big bowl or a food processor (cumin, chilli powder, garlic powder, smoked paprika, bread crumbs, cheese, eggs, Worcestershire, ketchup, salt, and pepper). Combine everything else except the black beans by stirring or pulsing. Blend or mash with a fork, keeping some bean bits somewhat big for texture.
    • Shape into patties using approximately a third of a cup of each ingredient.
    • Bake the patties for 10 minutes on each side, or 20 minutes total, at 375 degrees Fahrenheit (191 degrees Celsius) in a preheated oven using a baking sheet coated with parchment paper. Grill the patties for 8 minutes, turning once on a sheet of oiled aluminium foil. Due to the variety of grills available, the optimal heat level is a matter of taste. Black bean burgers should be grilled at medium-high heat, between 350 and 400 degrees Fahrenheit (177 and 204 degrees Celsius).
    • Put on any toppings you like best and serve. Refrigerated leftovers can be kept for up to five days.


    • Whether raw or ready-to-eat, black bean burgers freeze beautifully for up to three months. Please put them in a freezer-safe container or bag with a zip closure, and layer parchment paper between the layers. Prepare from frozen by letting it thaw in the fridge overnight, reheating it to your preference, or cooking it from scratch as directed. Instead of waiting for the food to defrost, you may reheat it directly from the freezer, but it will take a few minutes to cook.
    • Worcestershire sauce is unsuitable for vegans or vegetarians because it uses animal products. You may omit it or use a vegetarian condiment like BBQ sauce if you’re making vegetarian burgers. Remove the Worcestershire sauce (or substitute your favourite vegan condiment, such as BBQ sauce), omit the cheese, and substitute 1/3 cup mashed sweet potato for the eggs to make vegan burgers.

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